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  2. 為更好的開發和服務全球各地的制磚機市場,廈門boerwo磚機面向世界各地無代理的區域誠招合作代理商。

    In order to better develop and serve the brick machine market around the world, Xiamen Bolwo brick machine is looking for cooperation agents in non-agent areas around the world.


    First, the conditions that the agent needs to satisfy:


    You can apply for submission by simply meeting the following eligibility criteria:


    101. 您必須擁有自己的銷售公司和銷售團隊,以便于完成當地的銷售任務(新開發市場每年少不低于10萬美金的代理商成交價);

    101. You must have your own sales company and sales team to complete the local sales task (the new development market has a minimum transaction price of at least $100,000 per year);


    102. 必須派相關的技術人員到中國接受工廠的培訓,費用由代理商自行承擔。在當地設置零件和服務點,以滿足當地的銷售和維護工作;

    103. Relevant technical personnel must be sent to China to receive training from the factory at the expense of the agent. Set up parts and service points locally to meet local sales and maintenance work;



    103, agents can only choose our company's brick machine products for sale, not allowed to cooperate with other brick machine equipment;



    104, agents must strictly keep trade secrets, and must not penetrate our agent prices and profits;


    105.推廣和使用公司的LOGO和品牌。 簽約代理將接收公司提供的本地用戶信息資源。 但是,銷售任務必須完全完成;                                                                                  

    105. The company's LOGO and brand must be promoted and used. The contracted agent will receive the local user information resources provided by the company. However, the sales task must be fully completed;                                                          


    Second, the agent's application steps and precautions:



    201. You can submit your application through the consultation page of our official website (www.www.0417yx.com), including WeChat, QQ and consultation window; (Businesses applying for agents must fill in the detailed contact information, phone number, address , Acting country and region, company name, company size, fill in the company's detailed information and professional "partially than fill in the project, please consult the company's details or download the text to fill out"



    202-1. Steps for applying: Submit the consultation in the above introduction window, wait for the company to inquire the local non-signed agent, fill in the text information, and enter the next primary screening;



    202-2. After the company's initial screening, the company dispatches personnel to the user to check the agent's strength (or the agent understands the situation, or through the authorities to check the company's strength);



    202-3. Through screening, enter the stage of strategic signing and issuing authorization certificate;



    202-4, at least one relevant person is required to go to the Chinese factory for technical maintenance service training;



    202-5. Establish regular parts repair and sales points;



    202. Note: The more detailed the information submitted by the agent submitting the application, the stronger the strength and the higher the passing rate; the company adheres to the principle of first-come-first-served and merit-based;


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